Money Pays The Rent: Debt Colectors Love Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments

Money Pays The Rent: Debt Colectors Love Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments

No matter how financially responsible you are, your old debt can creep back up to haunt you when you go to rent an apartment. Your credit report will show your new landlord any housing-related debts you have incurred. Landlords are particularly reluctant to rent to individuals who left previous housing debts unpaid.

When a debt is paid off on time, it will generally do little damage to a person’s credit score. However, an overdue debt, particularly one that the creditor has sent into collections, will pull down a person’s score for a long time. In Texas, debts can remain on a credit report for up to seven years.

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 · These amounts were partially offset by the gain recognized on an expiration of guaranty of $648,000 and a rent debt settlement of $19,411. Accrued expenses also increased by $497,428.

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It might hire a collection agency to badger you into paying, or, if it’s believed that you have substantial assets, get a deficiency judgment from the court. The deficiency judgment allows it to take money from your paycheck by garnishing your wages, or from your bank by levying against your checking or savings account.

Texas Collection Agent Laws. When a debt collector tries to collect a debt from a Texas resident, it must comply with both Texas debt collection law and the federal Fair Debt collection practices act. A violation of the Texas law may result in criminal or civil penalties.

 · The debt collectors have been purchasing deficiency judgments and the right to pursue them from foreclosure actions in judicial foreclosure states. Florida deficiecny judgments are particularly tasty to the debt collectors who purchse default judgments. The judgments in florida are then used to collect money that goes in the debt collector’s pockets.

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Are there any creative ways for me to sell the apartment and pay off the mortgage. would then most likely seek a judgment against the borrower for the deficiency plus accumulated interest charges.

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What are my options? We have a home in Florida that we bought about 5 years ago to help out our daughter they have been unable to pay rent off and on and more off then on, we decided we can’t carry.

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