Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise

Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise

Was it the government shutdown, the stock market dive, the trade war or just a bad month? Whatever the reason, there was a 28 percent rise in the number of New Hampshire bankruptcy filings in January.

In addition to the easy availability of credit, rising unemployment and increased cost of medical care has caused bankruptcy filings to rise. Unfortunately many Americans are unable to afford medical insurance and as a result they are unable to pay their medical bills.

Bankruptcy filings on the rise. In 2005, bankruptcy filings totaled more than 2 million. By comparison, Gerdano expects there will be more than 1.6 million new bankruptcy filings by the end of 2010. The institute also said that bankruptcies totaled 126,270 in June, a jump of 8.5% from the same month in 2009, when they totaled 116,365.

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Bankruptcy Filings In Hawaii On The Rise, Report Says Hawaiipublicradio. The number of Hawaii bankruptcy filings in May grew by double digits over the same month last year, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Hawaii reported.

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 · The number of bankruptcy filings is up by 30 percent of the previous year. This is a dramatic rise in the number of people filing for personal bankruptcy. Why.

Filings out of the Albany office of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court – which covers a 10-county area that includes Saratoga, Warren, Washington and Essex counties – increased 16 percent from 2008 to 2009.

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The number of Albertans filing for bankruptcy this year has risen compared to the first quarter of 2018.The first quarter of 2019 saw the number of consumer insolvencies in Alberta rise by 15.

Bankruptcies are on the rise because the economy sucks. This article tries to make it the other way — that the economy sucks because of too many bankruptcies and we all need to knock off filing bankruptcy in order to save the economy.

Under pressure from mortgage debt and falling incomes, more Hampton Roads consumers resorted to personal bankruptcy in 2010. And the number of filings shows no sign of subsiding this year,

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